Upcoming Group Events, May to July 2021

Urban Planning Museum Shanghai – Modell EXPO 2010. Foto: Pascal Honisch

Starting in May 2021, the Regional Group China(s) organizes a monthly online colloquium during German academic semesters. These regular meetings are intended to facilitate discussion and exchange within the group. They will provide a forum to present and discuss work in progress, and will be occasionally dedicated to organisational matters, such as plans for the forthcoming DFG-Network „Anthropology and China(s): Co-constructions of Ethnographic and Academic Regions“ (2021-2024).

The colloquium is informal and open to interested participants. It is held every third Tuesday of the month, from 12:30 to 13:30 pm. To register and obtain the online link, please contact Jelena Große-Bley or Jean-Baptiste Pettier.

Summer Semester 2021 Program:

18 May 2021: Colloquium presentation by Amtul Shaheen – „Islam and Ethics across Borders: An Ethnography of Differences and Affinities among Muslims in Taiwan“

15 June 2021: DFG-Network plans and outlook

20 July 2021: Colloquium presentation by Karoline Buchner – „‚Elevating the health of all‘ – everyday diplomacy in informal Chinese medicine education in Taiwan 
(working title)“