Dr. Jean-Baptiste Pettier
affect, ethics, morality, gender, love, sexuality, environment, human-animal relations

Dr. Lena Kaufmann
translocal and global China, digital infrastructures, migration, agriculture, technology, knowledge and skill, food, work

Verena La Mela, M.A.
women, trade, social networks, infrastructure, logistics, Sino-Kazakh borderland


Prof. Dr. Susanne Brandtstädter
Chair Anthropology of Globalization
Taiwan and PRC, social and morals world of a globalizing China, Global China’s Eurasian presence, kinship, gender and social life, moral economies, justice struggles and new publics, values and moral change.

Karoline Buchner, M.A.
medical anthropology, Chinese medicine (in Taiwan and globally), medical diplomacy, global health

Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch
Chair in social anthropology and director Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zurich
Northeast China (Manjuria; Han, Hanjun, Manju-Tunguse, Mongols, Koreans; Changbai shan area); everyday technologies, skilled practice, embodied knowledge; agriculture, crafts, culinary anthropology; oral literature, history of Chinese anthropology and anthropology of China, human-plant relations, knowledge representation in popular media, folk arts

Jelena Grosse-Bley, M.A., M.Sc.
human-environment relations, climate change adaptation, agriculture, knowledges/expertise, Yunnan

Isabel Heger, M.A.
rural-urban transformation, state-led urbanization, landless peasants, narratives, identity, individualization of Chinese society, yuanfen, gaokao

Prof. Dr. Stéphanie Homola
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
divination, destiny, mnemonics, cosmology, decision-making, religions, popular science, history of sinology

Dr. Pascal Honisch
ethnography, discourse theory, urban china, World EXPO, South East Asia, cultural mediation, historiography

Dr. Madlen Kobi
urban anthropology, architecture, infrastructure, material culture, human-environment relations, climate, waste, Xinjiang

Olivia Kraef-Leicht, M.A.
ethnic identity, Yi (Nuosu), (self-)representation, music, gender, intellectual history

Dr. Christof Lammer
state, kinship, welfare, agriculture, value, infrastructure, genomics and precision medicine

Dr. Marco Lazzarrotti
anthropology of christianity, christianity in China, anthropology of religion, anthropology of space and place, Taiwan, Greater China, anthropology of China, anthropology of Chinese religions

Amtul Shaheen, M.A.
Gansu, Taiwan, modernity and globalization, diaspora, religion (Islam), morality, secularism, gender and identity

Prof. Dr. Hans Steinmüller
sovereignty, militarism, irony, ritual, Wa

Rebekka Sutter, Lic. Phil.
steep slope agriculture, swidden agriculture, anthropology of technology, anthropology of skills, Lisu, Yunnan

Marhaba Wufuer, M.A.
Kazakhstan, crisis and development, resilience, Belt and Road Initiative, Uyghur traders, migrant-labor relations, informal moral economy

Previous speaker teams

Verena Zimmermann, Hans Steinmüller, Madlen Kobi (2015-2017) – Co-founders of the RG China(s)

Verena Zimmermann, Madlen Kobi, Jean-Baptiste Pettier (2017-2019)

Jean-Baptiste Pettier, Madlen Kobi, Lena Kaufmann (2019-2021)