Upcoming: 3rd Conference of the DFG Network „Anthropology and China(s)“ in Zurich, December 15–17, 2022

The 3rd Conference of the DFG Network „Anthropology and China(s)“ will take place at the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich. It will explore the topic „The Politics of the Anthropology of China(s).“ Among others, the conference will explore the following questions: How has China become an ethnographic region in certain academic regions but not in others? How did global and local politics shape constructions of China as an ethnographic region in different academic regions? And what are ways in which anthropological work on China feeds back into ‚the field‘ and is taken up by political actors?

The conference is co-organised by Lena Kaufmann, Madlen Kobi, Verena La Mela, Christof Lammer, Marco Lazzarotti, and Jean-Baptiste Pettier, and hosted by Mareile Flitsch.

1st Network Conference: Cologne, November 2021. (report)
2nd Network Conference: Heidelberg, August 2022. (preview | report)
3rd Network Conference: Zurich, December 2022. (preview | report)
4th Network Conference: Cologne, summer 2023.
5th Network Conference: tba, autumn/winter 2023.
6th Network Conference: Berlin, summer 2024.

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