RG China(s) Colloquium: Summer Semester Program

Our monthly colloquium resumes this April. See our dates below! These regular meetings are intended to facilitate discussion and exchange within the group. They will provide a forum to present and discuss work in progress and will be occasionally dedicated to organisational matters, such as plans for our DFG-Network „Anthropology and China(s): Co-constructions of Ethnographic and Academic Regions“ (2021-2024).

The colloquium is informal and open to interested participants. It is held every third Friday of the month, from 12:30 to 13:30 pm (CET). To register and obtain the online link, please contact Jelena Große-Bley (grosseje [at] hu-berlin.de). Please also get in touch if you are interested in presenting at the still open spot in July!

Summer semester schedule:

Friday, 29 April, 12:3013:30 Sarah Hanisch Searching for Sweetness: Women’s mobile lives in China and Lesotho

Friday, 27 May, 12:3013:30 Marius Meinhof (University of Bielefeld, and Principal Investigator of the DFG project „Civilized Families. Discourses on ‚Filial Piety‘ in the Age of the China Dream.“) Defining Filial Piety – Negotiating notions of Obligations and Belonging in Intergenerational Relations in China

Friday, 24 June, 12:3013:30 Fabienne Wallenwein (Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies, Universität Heidelberg) Reconnecting cultural heritage and landscape in the Congjiang Jiabang Rice Terraces (Guizhou)

Friday, 22 July, 12:3013:30 open slot

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