Links to academic and public institutions with a China focus

The following academic and public institutions, projects and publications engage with the political, social, cultural and economic developments in China from diverse perspectives.

Assises de l’Anthropologie Française des Mondes Chinois

CHERN – China in Europe Research Network

China-Programm Stiftung Asienhaus Köln


China in the Global System of Science – Lise Meitner Research Group at MPIWG

China White

Elite Master’s Program „Standards of Decision-making Across Cultures“, University of Erlangen

European Association for Chinese Studies

European Association of Taiwan Studies

Made in China Journal

MERICS. Mercator Institute for China Studies

MPI – Department of Anthropology of Economic Experimentation: Frontiers of Transformation

Sci-Tech Asia Network

Society for East Asian Anthropology

Transoceanic fishers – Multiple mobilities in and out of the South China Sea