About us


The Regional Group China(s) of the German Anthropological Association (GAA) was founded in Marburg in 2015. It consists of a network of students, researchers and other interested anthropologists from or based in German-speaking Europe who academically engage with Greater China. This contains mainland China, Taiwan and the globally dispersed Chinese diasporas.

The group pursues two goals:

1) Support and lobbying: promotion, visibility and institutionalization of the anthropology of China in German-speaking academia by offering courses and supporting young researchers.

2) Outreach: to provide a multi-faceted and competent knowledge about social, political, economic and historical developments of China for a non-academic audience.

The RG China(s) meets annually. Members are part of an internal mailing list. To be part of the group, please contact lena.kaufmann[at]uzh.ch.

Non-members of the GAA interested in the Anthropology of China(s) can become part of our open mailing list. You can subscribe here: https://lists.uni-koeln.de/mailman/listinfo/ethnologie-chinas-in-deutschland-und-europa